26 June 2014 Thursday

Two days ago I watched to high school girls dance on the side of the road with so much glee one could have been mistaken for thinking it was a Friday. This whole week has been tepid; I feel like a fallen branch flowing with the stream to an unknown destination. This feeling can be greatly attributed to the lack of funds in my bank account- I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, money can never be enough. Right now I’m craving all sorts of meat, meat is my joy and even though thoughts of trying vegetarianism creep into my mind I have the feeling I’ll never stop being primarily a carnivore.
At work yesterday I felt like screaming because I just did not want to be where I was but there I was manning the station, walking up and down, greeting customers and avoiding my colleagues. Around three o’clock I stood by the gates and just listened to myself, then I caught a glimpse of her in the corner of my eye and I knew I could not be mistaken, it was her the girl I’ve been meaning to get her numbers from, the poet, the artistic misanthrope like myself. She looked even better than I remembered, her eyes were big and dark like melted dark chocolate, her eyebrows bushy not a single hair plucked and her skin was olive and smooth. I couldn’t stop smiling. We fell into a long conversation with no hiccups; it was like we had just seen each other the previous day. I longed for her to stay the whole duration of my work hours but she had to go and my colleagues had huddled around us like bees and I could hear them whispering. I knew they wanted to know the nature of our relationship, I could see the yearning in their eyes but they did not know where to start with me and I did not explain myself. I felt there was no reason to. When the bus came and she got on, a little bit of joy seeped out of me and I thought of other things I should have said to her- maybe next time. Next time I’ll definitely go to her. She told me she had broken up with her girlfriend and was looking for someone and then she looked at me, was she there for the sole purpose of finding me? I don’t know.
This weekend I’m going to see my family, like the whole extended family, we try to meet whenever we can because we need to catch and remember how all actually look like. I can’t wait, it’s always fun when I am with them- I’ve been alone for way too long.

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