21 June 2014 Saturday

I nearly got mugged a few minutes ago. This dark short guy asked me for my phone and I told him I don’t have one. I was walking from a friend’s place, she lives in Braamfontein and I live well here in the inner city, almost a kilometre separates us, I don’t know I am not good with measurements, anyway I’m almost at the door of my flat when this guy just asks for my phone, just like that, it felt like a movie. He just suddenly appeared at my side and said his friend (who was a tall guy walking unnoticed ahead of me) had a gun and that he would shoot me with it. I looked at him I guess with surrender in my eyes to the situation and bluffed my way out of it; I made a whiny voice and told him I was not in possession of my phone. He said he would like to search me and I told him that even if he did he would not find a phone- I do have a phone it was in my bag, which looks like a school backpack and so I guess because of this design I got away with the lie. He said okay and he and his friend crossed the street. I am shaken. I am out of food which is why I went to my friend’s place in the first place, I have popcorn and a some hot chocolate left, I’m going to eat and drink the two while watching gay shows to soothe my shaken composure. Fuck these pretty city lights; nothing is pretty here.

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