15 June 2014 Sunday

15 June 2014 Sunday

On Sundays the city sleeps in. I can actually see where the pavement ends and begins without a sea of people on its edges. I thought I would go out for breakfast but remembered that I was broke and so went to Woolworths to buy some yoghurt for the muesli I have. I wanted to get coffee too because I am all out but it was too expensive and so now I have to drink chicory instead of Jacobs- I never thought I would miss a product named after a man so much.

Today throbbed like a sore thumb, the sun shone but like a shy girl and the wind could not decide which way it wanted to go and so it blew in all directions. Before going to work I tried to tidy my room and removed my underwear that covered the books I got from the library- I don’t know how they got there. I like books, I like to get them from the library because it makes me wonder what kind person was reading the exact same book that I’m reading, it makes me wonder if they liked it or hated it, it makes me wonder of their sex and their lives, if they smelled the book like I do, if the pages were yellow when they were reading it, if there were alone when they were reading it or if they were trying to avoid someone by reading it or if they were reading the book for the sole reason to get closer to someone, how many lives touched the books that I touched and how many were touched by its contents; also it’s a very cheap way to read lots of books. The library in the city always has skateboarders by its stairs- I don’t know what the allure is but they are always there, skating up and down before the stairs that lead to knowledge- I wonder if they have been inside before. I highly doubt it because once you enter a library you always want to go back inside, the love of books is strange; if true love does exist, it is personified in my love for books- I always go back to them, they are many ways in which I escape from life but reading beats drinking, eating, masturbation, sex and socialising. Words are my aphrodisiac.
Today happened but not much happened, I didn’t see a lot of human beings, I was at work counting down the hours to when I could leave, and when I thought I could not get more irritated with the day the trees came alive with the singing of birds so loud I could not hear anything else, darkness had settled itself in like those birds in their nests but oh it was so beautiful, a chorus so harmonious it pulled me out of the murky depths of self pity and then my manager told me I could leave an hour early. Thank you birds.

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