12 June 2014 Thursday


I just got home and I am currently trying to cool down my overly salted noodles. Tonight is cold and not at all beautiful. When the sun set the moon rose full and beautiful, it glowed as if it was on a CGI screen but it was real and that is where the beauty ended. It got fucking cold afterwards and just when I was entertaining stupid thoughts of resigning at work a customer I always see started a conversation with me, he works at a hospital as a surgical technician, he’s a Zulu and he’s very talkative. He told me he knows he is not the hottest person on earth but he knows he can make people laugh and I of course laughed. He’s one of the few men I can tolerate, usually when a male tries to hit on me I walk as far away as possible, look into a book or put the volume up on my headphones. I’m thinking of matching him up with one of my cousins he would make a good partner for them, as for me he is good as a friend, hopefully he will understand.
I’m almost done with my noodles. My neighbour is blasting her tv speakers much to my dismay, at times nothing irritates as much as tv unless it’s on the sports channels or Fashiontv. Yes I really like fashion tv, I mean all the girls are freakishly tall, have freakishly symmetrical faces, they look the same and they’re beautiful, but I enjoy fashion tv because I do believe that, besides the capitalism involved, fashion is an art. The very same neighbour woke me up at quarter to seven this morning with her RnB songs. I can’t wait till I get speakers but because I can only tolerate loud noise for short periods I suspect I won’t be a pain to them.
I went to the library but I couldn’t pay the fine or take any books out because their system was offline- whatever the fuck that means- now what must I do with my brain.
I’m playing a very gay movie which means I’m going to be crying myself to sleep. Why is it that all gay movies end badly?
I’ve opened up all my written work in several windows but can’t seem to even read them. I have to be brave and face my own mediocre work in order to grow.
Today was a fucking dry day, I did not see any hot girls- maybe it’s because of the weather. I hated my manager for some odd reason and didn’t even see that she was beautiful- I overhead my co-workers telling her that she looks like she baths with milk, I scoffed and huddled into a corner and immersed myself in my suduko puzzle book.
Last night a couple was fighting some few doors away from my room, luckily I had overdosed on hot chocolate (is there such a thing?) anyway I dozed off to sleep to the sound of their screaming. I think I’m getting used to such noises but I can never get used to RnB being blasted in the early morning.  I hate RnB music; I think that if it were played at my funeral I’d probably rise from coffin, walk slowly to the player, turn the shit off and return to my comfy coffin.
I just got up to stretch my legs because they’re sore because I did a lot of squats today, and I just noticed a few hobos are missing from their usual sleeping places. In the day the pavement belong to the street vendors and at night they belong to the hobos and no matter what class system you belong to we remain creatures of habit, and it is because of this that I have noticed that a few hobos are missing- I’m worried and I don’t know why.
I have finished my noodles, and will probably have them again in the next quarter because noodles are disgusting and should be eaten only in desperate times- in my case I was too lazy to cook my green vegetables. I have finished a cup of hot chocolate and will probably have another. I think I’ll switch back to having a glass of wine a night, if the wine is good enough I rarely go back for seconds unless I’m feeling indulgent, and it puts me sleep much easier and faster than some fattening hot beverage. I think I’m going to need twelve hours of sleep to ease my aching muscles, my neighbour will probably cut that short.


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