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  • Lifting the Lockdown

    The violence of living, of breathing, of existing, driven by nonsensical trades carried by cleverly crafted currencies. A normalcy of strife veneered by fancy things we buy. The act of doing nothing forgotten and furthermore frightening. Humans have become batteries that fear power failure; their bodies have become vehicles to carry their heads and feelings…

  • Lockdown Story E18: Seven Sons

    Kay did not know if they were in love with Neli, she just knew that she was most attracted to her. The concept of love was a sea, the bottom of which no one had reached. All love was conditional even the love they received from the one they thought loved them the most. Gogo…

  • Lockdown Story E17: How to kill a boy

    It is a lonely Easter Sunday for Police Officer Mazibuko as he patrols the streets in the national lockdown. He finds himself returning to the field he used to play in as a child.

  • Lockdown Story E16:

    Litha is an entrepreneur who who is only worried about protecting her catering company in the midst of the Corona Pandemic